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What clients & partners say

“Jojo stepped in at short notice as event support for SHOPS 1st TRY, the world's largest snowboarding B2B event. Within a few hours, he familiarized himself with operating the digital event control system "CANDY," taking partial responsibility. Additionally, Jojo casually tripled the number of followers on the Instagram event channel within just 5 days! Despite quickly grasping new and responsible areas, Jojo was not too proud to help with preparatory tasks such as welding signs or counting drink vouchers. It was inspiring to see how quickly Jojo, as a newcomer to the crew, integrated into the team that had been established for years, taking on tasks independently with ease while also integrating existing staff members.”

Muck MüllerCo-Owner and CEO - munchie Konsilium

“Jonathan's attitude and skills make it easy to work with him - he is passionate about his work, empathic and an active listener who understands how to implement constructive feedback. Paired with a sense of responsibility and commitment, he is equipped to overcome any challenges. Jonathan takes his work serious and is an excellent team-player who lets everyone bring their assets to the table. There is no small vision for Jonathan and so far, he and his team have already realized amazing projects. I am looking forward to continue working with him and discover the next projects!”

Michelle GeorgeConsultant - Rubix Potential

“Whenever I need video production support, I rely on Jojo's expertise. Working with him is not only uncomplicated and collegial but also creative and enriching. He pays close attention to detail and is considerate, making him a great support for any project. I can confidently recommend him, his work, and his team!”

Miklas MännleHead of Production - More than Events

“stribe is a reliable and highly professional partner, whereby the young and skilled team is regularly exceeding our expectations. The mix of content production and social media expertise makes this team our partner of first choice.”

Dr. Uve SamuelsFounder - SQUARE Microsoft Tech-Playground

“Our first project with Jojo and his team has just been launched with total satisfaction from our side regarding the creational- and communication process and with double-thumbs-up from our client! It was a perfect ride with a 100% set up and timing on the point. Thanks to the whole team.”

Frank HeinemannPartner - focussed on retail consultants

“Working together should be fun first of all - and it definitely is with Jojo. His expertise in Google, WordPress & Co. has saved me in many situations. And what Jojo doesn't know, he finds out. He is always there when you need him, incredibly helpful, open and honest. His always positive and humorous nature is what makes him stand out. So if you need someone at your side for challenging, sometimes stressful and nerve-racking projects, who is not only a real professional and can perform miracles overnight but who also finds the right words when the team mood threatens to change: Jojo is the man.”

Astrid SchweneckeMarketing Manager - More than Brands

“With his positive nature and creativity, Jojo was a reliable business partner who managed our projects to our utmost satisfaction. With his deep knowledge in online marketing, he helped and advised us on specific expert topics, with great success.”

Melanie MachnitzkeProject Manager CRM & Strategy - Think United Group

“Working with Jojo has been an absolute pleasure. His vibrant energy, forward-thinking approach, and empathetic nature make him a standout in his industry. My experience comes from our collaboration at the Impuls music festival where he excelled as a producer. His organizational and communication skills are top-notch. Jojo’s visionary mindset combined with his deep passion for cultural events & action sports add a unique dimension to his work. He's a great team player, valuing everyone's strengths and fostering an environment of collaboration. With Jojo leading the way, there's no limit to what we can achieve as a team, and I eagerly anticipate our future projects.”

Josef SindelkaPhotographer

“From design phase to production and advertising - the dedicated team at stribe always impresses us with their creativity, fast management and reliability!”

Sebastian LampeManaging Partner - RCADIA

“You can count on Jojo. He is a very structured and well organised person, who has the strength to maintain a sharp vision and solution-oriented management, even in the most complex and challenging situations.”

Henrik WiedwaldCo-Founder & Managing Partner - ATMO

“Always on point, professional and valuable advice, quick turnaround and a positive attitude - I have nothing but good things to say about Jojo and his team.”

Sarah KucherHead of Partnerships & Venue Development - More than Places

“Jonathan has demonstrated a great creative sense, technical competence and very good planning and organisation of content productions.”

Claus-Peter SchnellSenior Consultant Esports & Gaming - Freelance
Jonathan Hendess
Jonathan Hendess

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