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summerhouse is about

#1 Mindset

inspiring each another – that’s what friends of summerhouse do. They support, grow & learn, all together. This is what creates the collective mindset of our family, and boosts each personal goals to new levels.

#2 Coworking

getting together with a dedicated network of entrepreneurs, creatives & business developers who benefit from sharing experiences & improving skillsets – on a daily basis.

#3 Adventure

creating moments that last, bond & get us out of our comfort zone – every fkng day. Surfing, biking, meditating, skateboarding, motocrossing, swimming… you name it.

Jonas & Jojo

this is our mission

How it all started

the story of summerhouse

With many trips around the world we have discovered our passion of connecting with people, creating shared moments & projects, appreciating friendship, adventure & nature. All this increased our work quality & effectiveness a lot! Having a healthy work-life-balance, coworking with talented friends, getting out of the comfort zone every day... For each of us, that was what really boosted our personal mindsets & made our businesses/projects grow.
More friends wanted to join, so we created the summerhouse, which enables this lifestyle by providing an infrastructure. Our first summerhouse went viral and got booked out after 7 days, whereas 23 friends were able to make it. You want to join our next edition? Apply now to be the first one to hear about our next launch.

Apply to get access first

your local crew & hosts

We take care of your well-being & everything else. Feel free to contact us anytime, ask questions, or save yourself a slot for the next year.

our venue

Located directly at the Ocean of Portugal, this is what our Summerhouse looks like. Our Summerhouse editions takes place for 4 weeks. You can book slots and stay from 1-4 weeks. As our first edition was booked out after 7 days, pre-safe yourself a slot now & stay up to date, when we launch the next edition!


Some more moods of what’s awaiting you. Danger: wanderlust might come up watching this. Click here to contact us for medical help.

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