• strategy & concept
  • lead project management
  • full stack web development
  • RCADIA Group GmbH
  • More than Brands GmbH
Parnters involved
  • Fuerst von Martin
  • Ember Design
  • Ypsilon Solutions

the challenge?

connecting 2 brands in 1

Two esport companies merge into one. A new website has to be created which functions as a platform and connects 2 different communities, services, locations and CRM systems. The Requirements of all stakeholders need to be combined in one best common solution. All interfaces and tools are to be integrated in a performant and aesthetic way according to the corporate identity.

Außenansicht mit blauen Lichtern des RCADIA Gaming Hotels in Bergedorf

our approach?

structured & fast management

In order to integrate all requirements and complex contexts into one website, we design a requirements concept and work out clarity, goals and best solutions. Step by step. We solve the interdisciplinary project management with a milestone plan, which shows the status live at any time. Each step has its agreed goal, timing and responsible project manager. This milestone plan is the heart of our work and guides us through complex challenges.

the outcome?

a great website for the WWW

We’ve created a clean and performant website which functions as an esport platform: including CRM, hotel booking, event booking, member login, lead forms and ecommerce shopping. As a foundation, we’ve used the content management system WordPress to enable content managers to directly maintain content and thus create the best macro-efficiency for our clients future. All performant and in line with the corperate identity. Hosted on a single managed server for awesome pagespeed.